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To celebrate the 12th birthday of Bitcoin (3rd January) we've decided to start accepting Bitcoin donations in our continued fight for survival!

 Bitcoin address: 3Ckfcscq3fhZixickh3vdPaiXvxo1rsJV8

For years Bar No.7 has been working hard in the Bitcoin marketing department to encourage hundreds of people to enter the community.
For us, Bitcoin isn't about the price, it's about the endless use-cases that make the world a better place (see below). 

Bar No.7 has been involved with the amazing crypto community over the years we...

- were the first bar/restaurant in the country that accepted crypto for beers,
- hosted many bitcoin meetups over the years,
- raised funds using Bitcoin for a customer who had serious head injuries,
- supported the formation of new crypto loving Nations (Liberland),
- had a bitcoin Easter egg treasure hunt,
- gave away quiz prizes in bitcoin,
- we offered big discounts to people who use bitcoin,
- have a bitcoin ATM to make it as easy as possible to get crypto 
- we spread the gospel of Satoshi!

If you can spare a few satoshis we would be really grateful! :-)